Starter set 'Sewing', Prym Love, pink Prym

51.03 $

  • Starter Set with high-quality sewing accessories
  • Storage box with two levels
  • Ideal for keeping at home, when travelling or as a gift

For the home, when travelling or as a gift: the Starter Set from the Prym Love range speaks for itself, because the transparent plastic box holds the most important sewing accessories on two levels. A pair of scissors, marking pencil, hand gauge, prym.ergonomics stitch ripper, a filled needle case, a mini pin cushion and a cute, heart-shaped magnetic pin cushion – all of the highest quality and in a bright pink colour that is bound to bring you real pleasure. A splendid colour-contrast is provided by practical fabric clips in fresh mint. The Starter Set offers all beginners a practical introduction to the world of sewing.

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  • 51.03 $
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