Organicon - 208 Peach Fuzz Scheepjes

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أورغانيكون هي أحدث خيوط Scheepjes و هي خيوط نباتية عضوية 100% في جميع مكوناتها بما في ذلك الأصباغ المستعملة و الألياف. و هي عبارة عن خيوط غزل من القطن العضوي الناعم للغاية و هي مناسبة بشكل خاص لصنع الملابس و الألعاب المحشوة و مستلزمات الرضّع و الأطفال الصغار فضلاً عن ملابس الكبار ذات اللمسة الناعمة و الحساسة.

تتوفر خيوط أورغانيكون في تشكيلة من 21 لون باستيل ناعمة وحيوية مع مجموعة مختارة من الألوان المحايدة التي تشكل معًا مزيجًا رائعًا من الألوان لمجموعة واسعة من المشاريع.

محتوى الألياف: 100 ٪ قطن عضوي

مقاس الابرة المقترح: 3 مم

سمك الخيط: Fingering

وزن الكرة: 50 جرام

الطول: 170 متر

صنع في هولندا



Fiber Content: 100% Cotton Organic Soft

width Needle Size 1: 3 mm

weight Yarn Weight: Fingering

weight Ball Weight: 50 grams

length Length: 170 meters

stitches Gauge: 28 stitches, 40 rows to 10 cm on 3 mm needles

Made in Netherlands


As a company and as a brand, Scheepjes is continuously looking for ways to innovate and create products that are both enjoyable for you and good for the planet. This led us to the creation of our newest sustainably produced and vegan friendly yarn, Scheepjes Organicon.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this yarn is part of a global movement towards reducing resource consumption and conscious production methods. Alongside the benefits of organic farming on water quality, land fertility and energy use, organic cotton is an exceptionally soft fibre that is delicate for you and your little one's skin! This makes Scheepjes Organicon a particularly suitable yarn for creating garments, stuffed toys and accessories for babies and toddlers, as well as garments for adults with a sensitive touch.

Scheepjes Organicon is available in 21 soft and fresh pastel shades with a selection of neutrals that together make gorgeous colour combinations for a wide range of projects.

Eco Conscious and Sustainable

With Scheepjes Organicon, we are taking steps towards creating a better world by promoting an eco conscious, sustainable and vegan friendly product. Through embodying the ethos of Scheepjes Organicon, we as a crafting community can work towards change together.

  • Scheepjes Organicon holds the GOTS certification which guarantees through traceability that the cotton has been grown on organic certified fields without the use of chemical fertilisers, farmed in a sustainable manner and in a way that ensures the continuing fertility of the land it is grown on. The dyes used are also GOTS-certified and have the highest sustainability index possible for textile manufacture.
  • By harnessing a 100% biological wastewater treatment approach in the production process of Scheepjes Organicon, wastewater from the production of this yarn is safely recycled and repurposed.
  • A vegan friendly yarn is one that contains no animal products or by-products. From the dyes used to colour this yarn, to its 100% plant-based fibre, Scheepjes Organicon respects the welfare of animals and offers a high-quality alternative for all conscious crafters.

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  • 3.78 $
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