Addi Circular Needle Sockwonder 25cm 3.00mm addi

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With their 25cm-length cable and differently sized tips (45mm and 70mm respective to each side), the Addi Sockenwunder circular needles are purpose-made for sock-knitting. With the longer needle designed to lie comfortably in the hand, the shorter needle is meant for easily passing through stitches yet to be knitted. These circular needles are a valuable addition to every avid knitter’s needle collection! Made from exceptionally smooth white bronze with a gold-coloured cord.

This circular Needle has 7 advantages

  1. Perfect transition from the tip to the cord
  2. Very smooth, polished metal tips
  3. Extra light tips
  4. Thickness and length in black on the cord
  5. Highly-flexible cord
  6. the tips are not bend, the needles do not twist out of the hand
  7. 40/50 cm-needles with extra short tips for easy handling

So, that you always have fun knitting: our addi cable loses moisture in dry air. It will become soft and supple again if you put it into warm water of a few minutes.

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  • 8.91 $

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