Addi Click Set - Short Lace 3.50-8.00mm addi

123.93 $

Interchangeable set of fine-tipped ADDI needles, specially for lace knitting - a lovely gift for lovers of lace!

The shorter tips in this set enable you to use shorter cords for small projects, so 5 red cords come with this set.

This is the ultimate in knitting luxury: top quality, shiny white bronz needles with fine points, red cords, in a brown wallet with soft brown suedette lining, with a little addi heart pin to wear - just to show how much you love ADDI.

This top quality set allows so many possible variations in knitting needle size and length with a simple push in and twist connection! You can create a longer cord by using the coupling to join two lengths together and you can use two different sizes of needle tip to give extra textural interest to your knitting.

Set comprises wallet case with 8 pairs of needle tips, 9cm long, in sizes from 3.5mm to 8mm, with 5 different lengths of pliable red cord to make circular needles of length 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm, 1 connector to enable you to combine cords to make a longer needle, 1 brooch

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  • 123.93 $

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